Community Nursery School of Metuchen

Located at 270 Woodbridge Avenue, Community Nursery School is a non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality nursery-school education for preschool children. Sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen, the school was opened in 1949. We are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Youth and Family Services. Community Nursery School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

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Fire Truck Fun in PreK 3B

We had a wonderful week learning about community helpers in our neighborhood and our local fire department came for a visit! We enjoyed learning all about the fire truck and what firefighters do. We also learned how to stop, drop and roll! We learned a song that goes along with it, which is a new favorite in our classroom! Our letter of the week

PreK 3A

The 3’s have had an exciting two weeks!  We started learning our letters and practicing our letter sounds, starting with the letters P and C.  The children made “P is for Pizza” and “C is for Cookie” projects and also learned how to make both letters in sign language.  We learned about many community helpers, including police officers, doctors and firefighters.  The children painted and created a police

Around the Town in PreK 4A!

The Pre-K 4A children have been learning about all the things that make up a town. They have enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be chefs, construction workers, doctors or nurses, postal workers and even fire fighters.  The children talked about the different types of homes people live in and they created neighborhoods and built houses using straws and foam pieces.  This was a