Community Nursery School of Metuchen

Located at 270 Woodbridge Avenue, Community Nursery School is a non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality nursery-school education for preschool children. Sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen, the school was opened in 1949. We are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Youth and Family Services. Community Nursery School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

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Halloween in PreK 3B

We had a fun filled Halloween week in PreK 3B! We carved a jack o lantern and explored the insides of the pumpkin. We had a countdown and put a flashlight in our pumpkin and watched it glow! The children loved sharing what they were going to be for Halloween and had a lot of pretend trick or treating in our kitchen center with

Making friends in Young Learners A

Our Young Learners are amazing us everyday! We are so proud of them and we love to watch them learn new things and make new friends. They have mastered the walk in and out to the playground and we are so amazed at how they are trying and mostly succeeding putting on their coats by themselves with the flip method. They are also a

Fun with the letter ‘T’

This week the children focused on the letter T!  They created textured art by painting trees using tinfoil to make fall foliage.  They also made a T is for Triangle project by gluing small triangular pieces onto a giant letter T.  On Friday, the children did fine motor work by beading pipe cleaners in the shape of a tree. Our class also spent a good amount of