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There is nowhere I would rather my daughter be than CNS. My 4.5 year old daughter Kayla, a once hesitant leg-hugger, has slowly morphed into an active participant who adores school, her teachers, and her peers. This transition in Kayla is due to the wonderful guidance of Kayla’s teachers, who challenge her while also allowing her to develop at her own pace. The school treats my daughter like family, and they have instilled a love for learning in Kayla that is crucial in her formative years. I am so thankful to CNS for all they do to nurture my daughter into the student she is capable of being. I could not give CNS a higher recommendation. THANK YOU!!!!

CNS has been an absolute blessing for my family. I couldn’t think of a better place for both of my children to have their first experience of school. My daughter Julia attended CNS for two years: in the three-year-old program and then for the four-year-old pre-K program. She is now in 2nd grade and looks forward to picking up her younger brother from CNS everyday and giving all of her former preschool teachers a big hug. She has such great memories of her time there. My son Joey is now in his second year at CNS in Mrs. Smith’s pre-K class. This is the first year we tried out the afternoon enrichment programs and we are thrilled with how fun and exciting his days are. Joey adores Mrs Smith and all of his classmates and he really loves the art, music, & cooking enrichment classes. Both of my children love going to school every single day because of the support, love and acceptance they received at CNS. Plus, Joey says “It’s so much FUN!!”
The staff at CNS has become our extended family and the friendships we have made with other CNS families are going to be lifelong. I am going to be so sad next year when my youngest is ready to move on to kindergarten and our time at community nursery school will be over.

After going to Community Nursery School myself almost 30 years ago and having so many fun and loving memories there… when it came time to send my children to preschool I knew exactly where they would be going. My daughter is a recent “graduate” from the preK Monday-Friday class with all five afternoon enrichments. I currently have a son in the young Learners class, and have another little one who will be starting next September. We can’t say enough nice things about the staff and teachers at CNS. They show you nothing but love, care and smiles from the minute the greet you in the parking lot (valet service!!!!!). We look forward to more art work, learning and laughter with our CNS family.

We love CNS! You know how they say you need a village when raising kids? Well, CNS is absolutely that village for our family. The teachers and staff feel like family. The school is warm and nurturing while providing a strong educational foundation. It’s exactly as you want a nursery school to be…fun, loving, happy, and flexible. My oldest loved his 3 years there and was more than prepared for Kindergarten. My middle is currently loving her time in the 3s class and my youngest will begin next year in the Young Learners class. Thank you, CNS! (Oh, and did I mention, they have valet drop off in the morning?!? ??)

Community Nursery School fosters the love of learning in children at an early age. The teachers and staff encourage curiosity and creativity in the most nurturing way.

I watched my daughter, who attended CNS from ages 2 1/2-5, blossom in her development both socially and academically. I continue to watch my son who comes home and amazes me everyday with what he is learning/doing/experiencing. I look forward to watching my youngest grow at CNS in the near future.

Not only are the teachers and staff committed to the students, but they super helpful, friendly, and supportive to the parents.

There is no where else I would rather have my children spend their early years. Thank you CNS!

We absolutely love CNS!!! They provided such a loving, nurturing, fun and educational experience for my daughter. She was so excited to wake up and go to school everyday and loved the enrichment classes offered. She was so well prepared for kindergarten this year and we owe it all to Community Nursery school.

We have had such a wonderful experience at CNS! Thank you for making our first school experience such a positive one. You (director) and all the staff have been fantastic! – A Mom of child entering kindergarten

Stephanie D

My son’s experience over the past three years at Community Nursery School has been a wonderful preschool experience. He entered the Early Learners  Program at 2 1/2 and he just completed the Pre-K Program. Each day he was truly excited to go to school. CNS fostered his love of learning.  As both a parent and a teacher,  I could not have asked for a better preschool experience for my son.

Kristen L.

We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Community Nursery School. The staff and administration are great and from the first day we knew our two sons would enjoy the time to socialize with other children, expand their creative horizons with the many arts and crafts projects and learn how to acclimate to a classroom environment. This has been a great resource to our family and has been a tremendous help in getting our kids ready for kindergarten.

Robia Timko - parent

My family has been very happy with Community Nursery School. The teachers are warm and caring. It is a positive, nurturing environment for the children. I highly recommend this preschool.