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PreK-4C has been busy!

PreK-4C kicked off April with Mr. B and a study of bugs and insects.  The children learned all about the life cycle of a honeybee, and used pattern blocks to construct fun mosaics. In addition they practiced their numbers 10 through 20, by building bug towers and reviewing concepts like more, less, most and equal. They also had fun with process art, using “baking soda paint”. The students witnessed the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar and how it impacts the blending of primary colors to make new colors! One of the favorite things we did this month was our trip to the Rutgers Farm!  We learned how to take care of all the animals, what kind of food they eat, and even got to pet some of them!  We also did a study of chickens, as we prepare for the baby chicks to come and visit CNS next week. Finally, we had a fun visit with the Lizard Guy!  Not only did we meet several reptiles, but we got to touch and feel all different types of unique and memorable animals.


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