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PreK 3B – Exploring Life Cycles

All about life cycles!

PreK 3B has been learning all about life cycles and watching them unfold right in the classroom! We have been observing our caterpillars every day and noting the changes that are taking place. We learned the life cycle of a butterfly and read several butterfly books to help us explore this topic. We made our very own butterflies with droppers and doilies that are hanging on our bulletin board. Our letter of the week was also Bb for butterfly. The children also worked hard on decorating their Mother’s Day pots and planting flowers for their moms. They made a special portrait card for their moms and wrote their name on it.

The next life cycle we explored was the life cycle of a chick. The farmer dropped off the eggs to Mrs Smith’s classroom and we enjoyed a presentation about the chicks. We visited the eggs several times and observed them cracking and then hatching! We were able to bring some into our classroom so we could pet and hold them. All of the children were so excited to experience this! We made several chick projects which included process art chicks that we counted and recorded the number on our project.

We also celebrated several birthdays and have been enjoying the playground as much as possible!


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