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PreK 3B End of Year Fun!!

PreK 3B has been busy these past few weeks! We had our “spring fling” where we explored obstacle courses, played with chalk and bubbles and had a full day of outside fun. The kids had a blast and we shared a special treat – ice pops! Another fun activity we had was pony rides. Everyone was able to ride a pony on our field.  The children really enjoyed this!

Our last learning unit was all about Dinosaurs! We learned new vocabulary words and learned about fossils. We explored fossils in our science center and also made them out of salt dough. We measured dinosaurs with legos and counted them for our math lesson. We also created personalized dinosaurs that we named individually.  We made dinosaur patterns and played dinosaur counting games in small group. We read several dinosaur books that the children really enjoyed!

We had a wonderful year in PreK 3B! We wish all of our families a happy and fun summer! Enjoy! 


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