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PreK 3A – End of Year Fun

What a year we’ve had!!  During these last few weeks of school, the children have been involved in many fun and exciting activities.  One of the most exciting days was when each of the children were able to ride ponies when we had two horses visit the school at the end of May! 

The children also finished learning all the letters in the alphabet. We ended with the letter Z and a “Z is for Zebra” project to help close out our animal and pet unit. 

During the final two weeks of school, the children learned about all things ice cream!  After discovering how ice cream is made, they painted ice cream cones and ice cream cups and used fine motor skills to add sprinkles and toppings.  

We closed out our year by learning about ocean life, playing fish counting games, doing letter matching and painting seashells.  What a great way to celebrate the start of summer vacation!


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