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Fun with Letters S, E and W

The children have been super busy the past two weeks since we returned from spring break. The children have been focused on the letter S, E and W. They created beautiful lowercase letter E chick projects that are proudly hanging in our classroom!  We went on a letter hunt in our classroom and also discovered that 10 friends in our room have the letter E in their names! 

The children also used their creativity to paint rainbow butterflies using a horizontal painting technique. These masterpieces are on our big bulletin board this month!  They also worked on “W is for weather” letter projects  which incorporated sun, thunderstorms, clouds and snow.  Each child also made a “wiggly worm” project using colorful beads and pipe cleaners. 

The children continue to practice writing their names and each child even signed their own Mother’s Day cards that went home last week with a hand painted flowerpot and flowers.  

And of course this week our chicks from Quiver Farms finally hatched!  Twelve beautiful baby chicks were born and the children have been able to observe their growth and to hold and play with them in our classroom! 


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