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Fun in Afternoon Enrichment

The children in our Afternoon Enrichment classes have been busy learning and exploring!

Art students worked on “Tigers in the Jungle” using butcher paper and construction paper to add dimension to their pictures. Using decorative scissors gave the leaves texture!

STEM students worked on making lava lamps and learned about polarity and density of different liquids. This lesson built on the Skittles stratification experiment they did a few weeks ago.

Kids Cooking made zucchini fritters, shepard’s pie and yummy Pizzelle cookies recently. The children learned that Pizzelles are the oldest known cookie and originated in Italy.

Our Spanish class has explored more countries including Puerto Rico and Argentina. The children payed the guiro, a percussion instrument and wore straw hats. The students learned about the flags of the country as well. The children love “traveling” to other countries!

In Adventures in Literacy the students read non fiction books about polar bears and then made their own polar bear books using position words.


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