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February fun in Pre-K3A!

The 3’s have had a very busy and super exciting past few weeks!  The children have been practicing several new letters, including N, B and Y.  As part of their  letter practice, the children made  N is for Night projects, created brown bears for our February bulletin boards, and did a lot of fine motor work creating Yellow letter Y’s out of yarn and pipe cleaners. The children learned about nocturnal animals, such as owls, raccoons, mice and bats, as well as why some animals hibernate.  They also explored different animal habitats, such has rabbit burrows,  bear caves and birds nests. They children even created their own birds nests!
In addition to in classroom activities, the children have been able to enjoy outside playtime together on the playground, and enjoyed several special days at school including a concert by Mr. Ray, a yoga class and a magic show! We are excited for next week when the children will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a party on Wednesday and Thursday!


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