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PreK 4C – Mr. C Visits

What an exciting couple of weeks we’ve had in PreK 4C!  Our second letter person paid a visit – Mr. C!  We practiced writing in our letter journals and have done fun “C” activities such as process art painting with corn.  We have also been learning about Community Service Helpers .  We were lucky enough to have several firefighters come visit us on a
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PreK 4C Ms. L Visits!

We had a fabulous week in Pre-K 4C!  We were visited by Ms. L – the first Letter Person to come into our classroom!  We wrote in our letter journals and worked as a class to come up with lots of L words.  We painted capital Ls using legos and sang and danced with Ms. L all week long.   We also studied apples
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Pre-K4C loving school!

We’re off to a great start in Pre-K4C!! We have made new friends and explored all the areas of our classroom including the art and science centers and the library! We have created self portraits and worked on name recognition and letter formation. We’ve been lucky to have gone on the playground every day thanks to nice weather. We’re excited for a fun filled
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