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Matching Letters & Numbers

The children enjoyed playing matching games to continue to develop letter and number recognition as well as counting and beginning sound skills.  The children also learned the nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep and made sheep puppets to act out the rhyme.  They loved mixing paint with glue and shaving cream to create beautiful pieces of artwork.

We love reading books in Pre-K4A!

The children have been enjoying many wonderful books over the past few weeks.  We have read, Caps For Sale, The Mitten, The Three Little Pigs and The The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  After reading these stories, many activities were incorporated that focused on counting, fine motor, and sequencing skills.  The children loved making story boards and puppets to retell each story.  Reading is so
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Ms. S is Silly

The children were surprised by a visit from Ms. S.  The children learned all about snow, made snowmen out of clay and had a snowball fight.  The children loved finding the letter S in story books and forming the letter on large paper.  The children sipped on the Super Star Soup Ms. S brought for snack.  What made her visit so special was SILLY
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A Visit from Mr. B

The children met Mr. B and had a wonderful time counting, sorting and graphing buttons.  The children learned about hibernation and which animals hibernate.  They strung Cheerios onto pipe cleaners to make a bird feeder for those animals that don’t hibernate.  We hung them in our side yard.  It will be fun to watch the animals eat the Cheerios!

Mr. N and Mr. P Visit!

Mr. N made lots of NOISE with his NOSE during his week long visit with the children.  He brought with him a NON-FICTION unit on NOCTURNAL ANIMALS and the children enjoyed many wonderful math, science and literacy activities involving bats, owls, and spiders.  Mr. P also POPPED in and brought PUMPKINS for the children to learn about.  The children carved a pumpkin, counted seeds
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Around the Town in PreK 4A!

The Pre-K 4A children have been learning about all the things that make up a town. They have enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be chefs, construction workers, doctors or nurses, postal workers and even fire fighters.  The children talked about the different types of homes people live in and they created neighborhoods and built houses using straws and foam pieces.  This was a
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PreK 4A It Has Been an Amazing Week!

The children in Pre-K 4A had a surprise visit from their first Letter Person, Ms. A.  The children loved getting to know her, what sound she makes and they really enjoyed their very first journal writing. They wrote the letter A and drew a picture of something that started with A.  The children also loved the many apple activities Ms. A brought with her. 
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PreK 4A

The children enjoyed many sorting and stamping activities this week to reinforce letter identification and one to one counting.   They used cubes to build and compare towers and they sorted letters according to their line shape – curved, straight or both.  They children really enjoyed Wikki Sticks. They were very creative in what they made with them!!! 

Mrs. Smith’s class is starting strong!

The children in Pre-K4A have been enjoying the first few weeks of school.  They loved seeing old friends again and also making new friends.  The children are discovering the many play and learning areas of our classroom. It is so much fun watching them play and use the learning manipulatives.  Time spent on the playground is still their favorite part of the day and
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PreK 4A – Year End Fun!

We cannot believe that this year is over.  It went so fast!  It has been amazing to watch the children blossom and grow.  Over the past few weeks the children have been busy watching caterpillars transform into butterflies.  They loved watching the process and enjoyed releasing them and seeing them fly away.  The pony rides and field day were great experiences as well. The
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