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Welcome Spring!

4B has had a wonderful March! Mr. R came to visit us! We learned all about rhymes, ribbons and rainbows and had lots of fun with riddles and jokes over snack and lunch. We made rainbows and pots of gold and discussed things that are more special than gold in our lives like our families and our friends.

Mr. Q also came to visit! He knows how much our class loves to remind Mrs. Farrell when she “forgets” to put the question mark during our Question of the Day time. Our class is so smart and never lets her forget that question mark. We learned about question words and played the question bag game. Several students stumped Mrs. Farrell with the items in their bag. Many took them home to play. We also learned about queens and made crowns and our own quilts like Llama llama has on his bed in the “Llama, Llama, Red Pajama” book. We celebrated the beginning of spring and played outside a few times. We are looking forward to more beautiful spring days!


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