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We had fun with the clouds, rain and rainbows…

We had a fun week talking about the weather, especially clouds, rain and rainbows.  We also did some great crafts.  We always enjoy playing together!  Luckily we were able to go play outside several times this week too.  Hoping Spring comes soon and we can spend even more time playing together outside! IMG_5618




We read Little Cloud by Eric Carle. After the story we  painted  rain clouds and counted raindrops on a very rainy Monday!

IMG_3918IMG_3914 IMG_3912The Mixed Up Chameleon by  Eric Carle inspired by our visit from the Lizard Guys



IMG_3899 (1)

Enjoying the Spring weather on the playground!


IMG_3891 (1)

IMG_3889 (1)IMG_3888

IMG_3878 (2)

Mrs. Jacobson came into our class to discuss keeping our bodies healthy by eating right and exercising. She shared some of her nursing attire with our class! We sorted fruits by color and type in our pie crust, we also counted and sorted vegetables into their cans.



We continued our theme of rain and weather by making rainbows and painting rain boots.



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