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We had a fun week learning about nature.

This week the children in Mrs. Roth’s class enjoyed a lot of animal activity!  We watched as our caterpillars emerged from their chrysalis and became butterflies. The children had an opportunity to be wrapped in crepe paper to feel what it must be like inside a cocoon.  The children then broke out of their crepe paper cocoons just like our butterflies.  On Thursday and Friday the children released the butterflies outside!
On Wednesday a farmer from Quiver Farms visited the school with a hen,  a rooster and 12 eggs that we will watch hatch next week at school!  The children were able to pick the egg they think will hatch first and even gave their egg a name!
This weeks beautiful weather allowed the children a lot of outside playtime too!  We were able to go on a scavenger hunt and even had a picnic several days!






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