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We had a bright flourescent-like afternoon in Science Enrichment.

In Science Enrichment Class we talked about what glows (is flourescent) and what doesn’t.  We used a flashlight and a black light to check which items glow or not.  We asked the children for a hypothesis on whether some of the items will/will not glow.

We made ice cubes out of water and tonic water.  One of the students thought the ice cubes with tonic water would glow. Was he correct? Yes, because of the quinine in the tonic water.

One student had a shirt on with white stripes that glowed.  We also tried it with highlighters. The yellow and green highlighters glow.  The pink and blue do not.  We also found that detergent glows!

We also found that the brown spots on bananas glow because of the chlorophyll breakdown.  We also discussed that monkeys can see this without a black light so they know which bananas to eat before they become rotten.

We also read Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty.


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