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The children in the 5 day Pre-K had a “redo” week with MR. R!!

Because of last week’s RIDICULOUS weather, the children spent another week with Mr. R.  Not only did they rainbow write R’s and make rainbows but they found words that started with R to put on RAINBOW HEADBANDS.  They also make REMARKABLE RIBBONS to tell everyone what they could do that is remarkable.  The children brought them home to hand on their REFRIGERATORS!!!!  They children also learned about a new artist in our artist study.  They experienced Jackson Pollock’s style of painting which is to drip and splatter paint.  Their artwork came out beautiful.  The children also enjoyed many “egg” activities this week to get ready for Spring break.  The children had an egg hunt and an ice cream party to celebrate the upcoming time off from school.  We wish every family a wonderful holiday and time off with family.

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