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We have had such a wonderful experience at CNS! Thank you for making our first school experience such a positive one. You (director) and all the staff have been fantastic! – A Mom of child entering kindergarten

Stephanie D

Thank you for this morning and for all the mornings at CNS. It has been such a wonderful experience for my family and I am thankful for all that you have done.  – A Mom

My son’s experience over the past three years at Community Nursery School has been a wonderful preschool experience. He entered the Early Learners  Program at 2 1/2 and he just completed the Pre-K Program. Each day he was truly excited to go to school. CNS fostered his love of learning.  As both a parent and a teacher,  I could not have asked for a better preschool experience for my son.

Kristen L.

We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Community Nursery School. The staff and administration are great and from the first day we knew our two sons would enjoy the time to socialize with other children, expand their creative horizons with the many arts and crafts projects and learn how to acclimate to a classroom environment. This has been a great resource to our family and has been a tremendous help in getting our kids ready for kindergarten.

Robia Timko - parent

Community is a great school and a great place to learn. Our family has had a very positive experience. We have had 3 children go through CNS with flying colors and I have known all the teachers to be wonderful and caring.

My family has been very happy with Community Nursery School. The teachers are warm and caring. It is a positive, nurturing environment for the children. I highly recommend this preschool.

COMMUNITY NURSERY SCHOOL IS A CHILD’S DREAM PARADISE!..My daughter goes to pre-k this year here & ever since she started going, I came across a very happy child inside her. She has never been this happy & willing to attend school ever in her previous school. I see that she is learning at a very fast pace with lot of interest .The credit goes to the excellent curriculum & very caring & friendly teachers. As far as I know (I have a fourth grader too) she must be one of those lucky children who is sad about Friday & excited when Monday is there! I really regret that she didn’t do all her 3 years of Preschool here .The teachers take special care about our concerns if at all we have any about our child , listens patiently & helps to solve. Not only the teachers but also the director & administrative staffs are very supportive & responsive. I would recommend this school to anyone Always!

Community Nursery School in Metuchen is a great place for preschool aged children. My grandson attends and always comes home singing new songs. He is starting to grasp concepts that he was unable to in the beginning of the year. Along with the table activities, playground time, snack and circle time, they children will also enjoy a pony ride, a visit from the Lizard Guy and a vaudeville act and many more. You should really come and meet the teachers and the director.

Both of my children attended Community Nursery School. I don’t think we could ask for a better nursery school experience! My children have made so many friends, that they still have now years later. They loved going to school to find out what fun and interesting projects and lessons they were going to be working on, from learning about the solar system, painting, reviewing letters, riding a pony and “wear your pjs to school day”. This is what nursery school and early education is all about…making friends, playing and learning together, in a very nurturing and creative environment.

~ Samantha Aldinger, Metuchen

All three of my children are CNS graduates, and I have to tell you, Community Nursery School provided an outstanding education for all of them. All three of our kids are adopted, and we worried about their transition since we were so focused on helping them attach to us in our family. The warm and wonderful staff at CNS completely understood, and helped our kids transition to school at their own pace. They were completely flexible to our needs, and as a result each of our kids had a great pre-school experience. I highly recommend CNS to anyone looking for a warm, wonderful place for their kids to go to preschool! Thanks CNS!

~ Jennifer Fong, Metuchen