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PreK 4C Closes Out Our Winter Season

PreK 4C closed out the winter season with a study on arctic animals.  We enjoyed fingerprinting our polar bear murals and conducted a cool science experiment to see which melts ice faster:  warm water, salt or sugar!  After our students predicted warm water as the winner, we were surprised to learn that SALT melted ice the fastest! 

We also had an exciting visit from Mr. U and Mr. W.  We loved learning all about the seasons and weather patterns in different parts of the country.  We sorted pictures by 4 seasons as a class and created trees to represent changes throughout the year.  We also created beautiful wind chimes and colorful kites, both using our counting skills, working diligently on numbers 10 through 20.  

We loved learning about Michelangelo!  Imitating his famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, we created beautiful artwork laying on our backs, upside down under tables, as he did centuries ago.  

Finally, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day learning all about leprechauns and Irish traditions.  We worked on a missing letter shamrock trail,  created beautiful shamrocks using salt painting, and worked together to build an enormous leprechaun trap.  Although we didn’t catch him, PreK 4C was left with a yummy surprise from our tricky leprechaun!   


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