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PreK 4C’s start to February

Ms. S strolled right into February wearing her super socks and brought the children an exciting study of our solar system.  The children enjoyed learning about the 9 planets (including Pluto our dwarf planet) and how they differ from one another.   They built spaceships out of all the shapes we have learned so far, and turned our sandbox into a space universe where they could see and touch all the planets moving around the sun, our biggest star!   We also worked hard on “1 to 1 counting”  through our counting spaceships exercise, and practiced number recognition with our “roll the dice” game.  The children took turns rolling 2 die, and placed the total value of the die on the corresponding number.  We also enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year, and we created a classic Chinese dragon, using links (9 for good luck), feathers, and plenty of teeth. All of this, combined with lots of singing and dancing with Mr. Ray and a spectacular magic show made for a great start to our month!   


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