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PreK 3A explores winter!

The 3’s have been having a blast exploring winter, new letters, and closing out our month-long clothing study!  In addition, the letters J and M took center stage the past two weeks!  

The children practiced letter formation, brainstormed for J and M words and completed fun letter related projects. 
The children also worked on groups creating shape matches, identifying different shapes and counting how many sides each shape has.  

We were also busy exploring winter, and snow, creating fun art projects to match some our our favorite snowy books!  The children created porcupines in clothing to match our story “Animals should NEVER wear clothes” and painted with glue and shaving cream to created “melted snowmen” for our book “Snowmen at Night” 
Children also celebrated silly sock day and pajama day to close out of exciting clothing study this month!  We are all very excited for what February will bring!


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