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Ms. K and Ms. P brought fun to our classroom!

It was a fun and exciting week, with Ms. K our Kaboom Kicker!  She brought messages of kindness and taught our students how to be bucket fillers.  We had a kindness scavenger hunt and learned how to care for our fellow students.  We also practiced our “kaboom kick”, reviewing all the letters we learned this year with our balloon kicking challenge.  We also learned that a Kangaroo jumps 30 feet and measured and graphed how far each of our students can jump!  We also had a visit from Ms. P with Pointy Patches and learned all about Pumpkins!  We sorted pumpkins and gourds by size and dissected pumpkins.  We also learned how we can use our 5 senses to make learning more fun.  We played a pumpkin seed counting game, and we created cute story books on the lifecycle of a pumpkin.    Finally, Pumpkin Bingo was super fun as we reviewed our shapes and letters throughout the week!


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