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Mr. V and Mr. O bring lots of fun and excitement to our class!

Mr. V joined the fun and brought lots of information on VEGETABLES and healthy eating habits.  We all enjoyed trying new foods and learning how vegetables grow! Mr. V also taught us all about VOLCANOS and we even created an actual volcanic explosion in class!   We also learned about all the different types of VEHICLES that are used today.  The children had fun with our transportation stamps, and really enjoyed our process art activity, where we painted with VEHICLES!   Mr. O followed the next week and brought with him a fun lesson on OPPOSITES!  We played an opposite matching game, and created opposites books.   The children loved recycling paper towel rolls, and using them to paint letter Os for our art project.  We also worked on our fine motor skills as we created bracelets using letter O shaped beads and pipe cleaners.   Mr. O also brought a science lesson on ORANGES and we learned why a peeled orange sinks and an unpeeled orange floats in water!  On top of all this fun with Mr. O,  we even did yoga with Ms. Amanda!  Lastly, the children really enjoyed learning about some of the holidays that our friends in school celebrate, like Hanukkah and Diwali!  It was a great start to the holiday season! .


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