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Classes and Enrichment

Registration for the 2018/2019 school year has begun. Call 732-491-2240 for an appointment to tour CNS or stop by during the regular school day. 

Classes and Enrichment Program

Classes run from September through June, closely following the Metuchen public-school calendar. All classes start at 9:00. Enrolled students may opt for an 8:30 arrival two, three, four or five mornings per week for an additional fee.


Young Learners Class

This 2 1/2 hour program (9:00 – 11:30) concentrates on providing a secure, warm atmosphere geared to promoting a 2-year-olds developing awareness of themselves in relation to their surroundings and other people. Classes are limited to 12 children with a teacher and an assistant. Children are 30 – 36 months old to start. Classes are offered as a  two day (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) or three day  program (adding Friday). Diapers are permitted.

Classes for 3 and 4 Year Old children

These 3 hour (9:00 – 12:00) or 4 hour (9:00-1:00) two, three and five-day-a-week programs nurture a child’s self-esteem and encourage social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. This is accomplished through the use of a variety of learning activities, educational materials and play situations.

3 Year OldsClasses are limited to 20 with a certified teacher and an assistant. Classes are offered as a two-day (Tuesday/Thursday), three-day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday) or five day (Monday-Friday) program. Children should be potty-trained. Option for staying until 3:00 certain days will be available after January 1st.

4 Year Olds: The Pre-K classes are for 4-year-olds, including children who miss the kindergarten cutoff date in their home town. The children are provided with learning experiences and hands-on activities that promote kindergarten readiness and social interaction in a developmentally appropriate manner. Pre-K classes are taught by a certified teachers and an assistant. This class is offered as a two day, three day or five day a week program.  Parents will be kept informed by periodic reports of progress and activities. Children may opt for an extended day (1:00 – 3:00) One, two, three, four, or five days per week.

Afternoon Enrichment

CNS offers the following additional interest activities from 1:00-3:00 for children in the 4 year old/PreK classes as well as children attending morning kindergarten in a nearby school. Children can choose to attend any or all classes.

Art – A fun and engaging class that will start with the basic color wheel and cover painting, sculpture, print making and other media. Brush strokes, lines, organic and inorganic shapes will be covered. The children also will be exposed to different styles of art through the works of Kandinsky, Monet, Laurel Burch, Keith Haring, Chihuly and others.

Adventures in Literacy – Using fun and creative tools such as puppets, felt board props, and projects to explore different stems of literacy from rhyming and letter sounds to dialogue and story comprehension.

Kids Cooking – A hands-on cooking and baking experience covering kitchen safety, measuring, cleanup and of course, tasting! Children will be exposed to a variety of foods kitchen tools, and cooking techniques at an age appropriate level. Books and fun activities related to the specific cooking and baking experience will be included.

Stay and Play – For children who love a challenge with an added twist of fun! Children will have the opportunity to reinforce their reading and math skills through both child directed and teacher directed games and activities.

Science and Nature – Children will explore the world around them as they engage in creative experiments to help them build essential problem solving, logic and planning skills. Children will have the opportunity to enhance their curiosity as they explore interesting topics through hands-on experiences.

Registration forms and session pricing is available on our website. For more information call (732) 491-2240. Children do not need to be students registered at Community Nursery School to participate in Afternoon Enrichment classes.