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February Enrichment Update

Enrichment had some very exciting things happening this past week! During STEM, we created mazes with construction paper, plastic trays, wiki stix, paper plates and legos. We had fun creating our own mazes and sharing them with our classmates. 
During Art we discussed the painting “Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali and studied the melting clocks in the picture. We also talked about dreams and how things don’t always look real or they seem strange or distorted. We used air dry clay to make our own clocks and will paint the clocks next week
During Music we read a book called Bats Big Game. We talked about the Super Bowl – the music, and winning and losing. We made origami footballs and did some cheer leading.
During Literacy the children made dinosaur puppets to act out the story, How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night. The children then brainstormed other ways Dinosaurs could say good night.


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