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Chicks and Butterflies!

4B is having a wonderful time in class! We have been working on our number recognition and writing numbers. We had special persons night and made dream catchers. The children enjoyed having their special guests in their classroom. We also visited the Food Pantry and learned how we can help out in our community.

The chicks hatched and they were so cute!! We were able to hold them and pet them. It was so fun! The farmer came and picked them up to take them back to the farm.

Ms. Y visited us and we talked all about pets – pets we have and pets we want to have. We made pictures and picked names for our handmade crafts.  Our butterflies also came out of their cocoon. We learned all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. We named them, released them in the garden and watched them fly away! We have also been learning about our other friends in nature like ladybugs. We played a roll and color game and colored spots on ladybugs which the children really enjoyed.


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