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We were busy this week getting our classroom ready for Halloween!

We spent the week decorating and preparing our classroom for Halloween.  We created spooky mummies and ghosts which focused on fine motor skills as we tore and stretched white tissue paper and cotton balls.  We also practiced with scissors as we cut spiders and 5 little pumpkins, which focused on cutting out circle shapes.  We sang a new Halloween song about silly pumpkin faces. 
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We had a wonderful week learning about the letter Pp and exploring Pumpkins.

This week the children learned about the stages of how pumpkins grow and had a chance to get messy exploring the inside of real pumpkins, The children did sequencing projects about pumpkins, made paper pumpkins and learned all about our letter of the week, Pp. The children also worked on a number counting project and created personalized spiders for Halloween. Thanks to Mother Nature,
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We had an exciting week with Mr. N!

The children in the 5 day Pre-K class had an exciting week.  Mr. N came to visit and brought a NICE bunch of activities for the children to experience. The children learned about NOCTURNAL animals.  They created the life cycle of spiders and folded triangles to create bats.  Folding triangles was such a wonderful problem solving activity.  Mr.N brought NEWSPAPERS for the children to
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Another great afternoon in Enrichment!

Today we read  “Big Pumpkin” by Erica Silverman. We really enjoyed playing “Pin The Piece on the Pumpkin”.  We laughed a lot at the silly looking pumpkin we made.  We also enjoyed other games including “Who?What?When?Where?Why” which is a question game played with play-doh.  It was a great afternoon full of laughs!    

We had a food-filled and fun-filled afternoon! Happy (Almost) Halloween!

Today in Kids Cooking Afternoon Enrichment class we had a great time making crescent mummy hot dogs and witch hat cookies!  After having fun making them, we had a Halloween Party and ate the delicious food we made.  We next read a Halloween book and played the Toilet Paper Mummy Game!  We all had a great afternoon!              
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“Room on the Broom” was a hit in Reading Enrichment today!

Today we read “Room on the Broom”  and used stick puppets to act the story out/re-tell the story.  We also cut out pictures and put them in order as they appeared in the story.  The children also picked out word cards from a bag and discussed the meaning of the words. They also played with a letter matching box and finally did a great
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I Get The Point!

Today we learned about Georges Seurat, the French painter. We learned that he started a new type of painting we call Pointillism. We learned that instead of blending the paint on the paper, our eyes will blend the colored dots and make the colors bolder.

Another busy week for our Young Learners!

We had fun preparing for Halloween by making pumpkin sun catchers and spooky ghost decorations!  We’ve been spending our days improving our fine motor skills, playing games to increase our math skills and enjoying playing with our new friends.        

Our doodle stick man danced in Science Enrichment Class!

We drew a stick man on different surfaces with a dry erase marker.  When we added a little bit of water, it peeled off the surface and floated on the water!  We learned dry erase markers have less adhesives (stuff that makes the ink stick to surfaces) so they lift off easily.  The ink is also insoluble (doesn’t dissolive in water) so it doesn’t
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This week the children created abstract acorn paintings and worked on their number recognition and counting skills. We had fun working and playing together!

This week the children created abstract acorn art paintings using real acorns to roll over their papers creating zigzag lines and circles.  Be sure to check out your budding artists’ work hanging on our bulletin board!  In small group the children worked on number recognition, counting, and placing the correct number of acorns on trees. Outside the children used their strength, coordination and gross
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