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We had fun doing activities focusing on strengthening fine motor skills. We also had fun playing together!

This week our Young Learners spent time focusing on strengthening their fine motor skills. We continued out celebration of Winnie the Pooh and A.A. Milne’s birthday by building and creating with our Pooh Bear duplo blocks and Pooh Bear playdough accessories. We also played with size order building snowmen. We read Sneezy the Snowman, All you Need for a Snowman, and the Missing Mitten
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This week we worked hard and had fun in Young Learners!

This week in Young Learners class we enjoyed working on fine motor skills with various activities including lacing ice skates, building igloos and counting the cubes. We also enjoyed celebrating  A.A.Milne’s birthday by playing with Winnie the Pooh duplo blocks and making Winnie the Pooh hats! We also read several Winnie the Pooh stories. It was a fun week filled with learning and playing
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We had a fun week doing some great winter projects and playing together!

The Tuesday/Thursday class had fun painting with fir tree branches and making melted snow man cookies! They had lots of fun with these activities. We also had fun celebrating birthdays and playing together.  It was a great week!  

We had a great festive week in Young Learner’s class!

We had so much fun making gingerbread ornaments…and it smelled delicious too!  We also enjoyed a holiday sing-along with our friends and many fun festive activities!  

We had fun at Tumble Time and making holiday projects this week!

Having fun and strengthening our gross motor skills on a dreary, wet morning! We enjoyed exploring our new indoor space!  We also had a great time making festive decorations together! Our Monday/Wednesday class made festive decorations for our classroom using paint, glitter and marbles!

We had so much Halloween Fun in Young Learners! Happy Autumn!

We made pirate scarves, walked the planked and sunk the ship with our beanbags! We enjoyed our party and spent the rest of the week working our fine motor skills by making fall decorations. Happy autumn!        

We had a great time with our friends preparing for Halloween!

We had a great week playing and sharing with our friends and getting ready for Halloween! Miss Courtney did a great job working with the children to create our beautiful class pumpkin and Mrs. Williams made an amazing scarecrow which is now proudly standing on Main Street and New Street!  

Another busy week for our Young Learners!

We had fun preparing for Halloween by making pumpkin sun catchers and spooky ghost decorations!  We’ve been spending our days improving our fine motor skills, playing games to increase our math skills and enjoying playing with our new friends.        

We had a great week learning about fire safety, playing games and reading books together.

We spent our week learning about being safe, fire drills and how firefighters help us.  We played games, read books and made projects together to help us learn.

Young Learner’s had another busy week playing and learning together.

We had a very busy week! We painted together, sorted the colors of Fall leaves, explored textures while decorating acorns, and of course we played together!