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Young learners keep on sailing and soaring!

We started February by celebrating the Lunar New Year; Happy Year of the Pig! We made gold coin trees and decorated a red pig with gold flowers. We read stories about traditions surrounding the holiday.  Our Young Learners have begun a study on transportation. We have been sorting vehicles by land, air and and sea and also by jobs that those vehicles perform. We’ve been
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Young Learners busy January

In January we had fun learning with our friends about winter and cold weather animals. We studied polar bears, arctic foxes, snowy owls and penguins. We played games that developed our math and fine motor skills and danced like snowflakes in music and movement. We continue to make new friends and learn to work and play together; we can’t wait to see what exciting
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Young learners learn about the tundra

In the Young Learner class we’ve been learning about animals in the arctic, such as polar bears, snowshoe hares and snowy owls. We’ve discussed the color white and why it helps the animals in their environment. We’ve also been sorting clothing items, determining which items are better worn in warmer or colder weather. Our class had fun working together to match mittens and make
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The Young Learners Class Had a Very Busy Week!

Our young learners were busy preparing for the holidays, painting with fir tree branches, using our fine motor skills to make ornaments, wreaths and other crafts. We are beginning to work and play together with our classmates, we are helping and caring for one another and becoming friends. The Young Learners practiced everyday for the holiday concert; we hope you enjoyed the show!  
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We Enjoyed Doing Many Fall Projects Together!

It’s Autumn! We’ve enjoyed the cooler days outside noticing the changes in weather and in the leaves. We examined pine cones as we explored the side playground. In the classroom, the Young Learners worked on fall projects using paint, paper and clay. Our class enjoys music and dancing, serving “lunch” from our new food truck and building together with the magnetic tiles!  The Young
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Hooray for Halloween in the Young Learners Class

Last week we talked a lot about pumpkins and even cut one open to see what’s inside! The children took turns scooping out the flesh and counting the seeds. We read books and sang songs about Halloween including “Horray for Halloween”. We also had our Halloween party and played Halloween games. The weather was beautiful and we played with the parachute outside with Mrs.
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The Young Learners Class Enjoys Exploring the Classroom and Playground Together.

During the month of October, the Young Learners explored and discovered different shapes in our classroom and on the playground. We played games and worked on projects that reflected our findings. We also talked about being safe during an emergency (fire drills) and met some of our local firefighters! At the end of he month, we will explore the changes in leaves and the
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Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Kelly’s Young Learner class spent the first few weeks of school adjusting to their new classroom and teachers. They painted apple pictures and enjoyed apple tasting! The children learned about primary colors, explored the playground, played with many different puzzles together and began making new friends!  We are so happy to see them having fun at school. It’s been a
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Our first few days in the Young Learners was spent getting to know our new classmates, exploring our room, and settling into our schedule. We have been working together using magnetic tiles, played in the sandbox, made pizza in our kitchen and created with our play dough! We even got to run and climb in the playground. We have been very busy!    

We enjoyed a special visit from Jay’s Dad. Everyone had fun!! Thank you!

Jay’s dad, a science teacher, visited Mrs. Williams class last week to teach the children about Oobleck!  “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” is the name of a Dr. Seuss book.  The OObleck mentioned in the book is a non-Newtonian fluid made out of cornstarch and water that behaves like a liquid until pressure is applied, then it acts like a solid. The kids had a
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