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Mr. V and Mr. O bring lots of fun and excitement to our class!

Mr. V joined the fun and brought lots of information on VEGETABLES and healthy eating habits.  We all enjoyed trying new foods and learning how vegetables grow! Mr. V also taught us all about VOLCANOS and we even created an actual volcanic explosion in class!   We also learned about all the different types of VEHICLES that are used today.  The children had fun with
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PreK-4C is so Thankful for our Family, Friends and our Letter People!

  Right before Thanksgiving, Mr. N made a special appearance in PreK-4C and brought lots of fun with Numbers!  We learned the difference between letters and numbers, and played a sorting game.  We also did a study on Animal Habitats.  We learned about the different homes that animals build for themselves using materials found in nature!  We went on a scavenger hunt in our
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Ms. K and Ms. P brought fun to our classroom!

It was a fun and exciting week, with Ms. K our Kaboom Kicker!  She brought messages of kindness and taught our students how to be bucket fillers.  We had a kindness scavenger hunt and learned how to care for our fellow students.  We also practiced our “kaboom kick”, reviewing all the letters we learned this year with our balloon kicking challenge.  We also learned that
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Apples and Carrots and so much More!

The children in Pre-K4C had so much fun meeting Ms. A and Mr. C these past two weeks.  They brought with them so many exciting projects.  We learned about the lifecycle of the apple, and conducted a really cool science experiment to see why apples float in water.  We dissected an apple and sharpened out number skills with a fun seed counting game!  
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Pre K- 4C is the place to be!

It was an exciting September here in PreK 4C. As we made new friends, we also had a very special visit from our first letter person, Ms. F!  The children have been hard at work practicing the letters in their name, sorting shapes and colors, and learning  all about the letter F.  The letter F brought us a chance to explore our “feelings”,  measure
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In Pre-K 4C we made new friends, learned about all the fun things to play with in our new classroom, and explored sea life in the ocean waters!   The children also enjoyed using our various art tools and learning  measurement terms for different objects around our classroom.  They were excited to share their findings  with their classroom friends. We explored the alphabet and the letters
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