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We finished the year with a great week and look forward to a super 2018!

This week we learned about patterns.  One of the pattern activities was painting candy canes red and white.  We sang Christmas songs and decorated holiday cookies.  We also had a fun pancake party with strawberries, bananas, whipped cream and sprinkles.  It was a fun week!

The children enjoyed many fun and festive activities together this week!

We had a great week of learning about the letter “C” including searching the entire floor for all of  the Letter C’s we could find!  We also did some great holiday projects which reinforced counting skills and measurement.  We celebrated two birthdays this week and  enjoyed a sing-along holiday concert thanks to a very talented CNS parent.  It was great singing together! The children
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We had a great week learning about animals and the letter”H”. We also started decorating for the upcoming holidays and had fun at our Tumble Time class!

This week the children continued to learn about hibernation and nocturnal animals.  Our letter of the week was “H” and on Friday the children made hedgehogs while practicing fine motor scissor cutting. This week we also began decorating our classroom and bulletin boards for the upcoming holidays.  The children decorated Christmas balls, made evergreen trees and painted stockings for our “fireplace.” The children also had their
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It was a great week in Mrs. Roth’s class! We now have a class pet…Caramel! Everyone is very excited!

This week the children began exploring nocturnal animals and learning how they live and what they do at night. The children created Owls with real feathers and practiced writing the letter “O”, our letter of the week. The children were also introduced to our new class pet named Caramel.  Caramel is a Robo Dwarf Hamster who will live in our classroom this year.  The
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We have been busy exploring, learning, practicing and playing!

It has been a busy few weeks in the 3’s classroom.  From voting in a mock election where the children voted on snack and the book of the day, to seasonal and Thanksgiving projects, the children have been learning, sharing and exploring new things. Building their fine motor skills and practicing scissor cutting, the children painted Fall leaves, created corn stalks and pumpkin pies,
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This week was all about the letter S: from Sticking Stickers to our letter S, to Shape Sorting to Sharing the Slide in the Sunshine with good friends who make us Smile!

This week we celebrated Halloween with many fun activities. The children painted pumpkins, played a pumpkin ball toss, sorted spooky Halloween items and listened to many fun Halloween stories including, “Skeleton Hiccups”, “Halloween Mice” and “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat.”  We sang Halloween stories and wrapped up our party days with a tasty feast!  Thank you to all the families
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We had a wonderful week learning about the letter Pp and exploring Pumpkins.

This week the children learned about the stages of how pumpkins grow and had a chance to get messy exploring the inside of real pumpkins, The children did sequencing projects about pumpkins, made paper pumpkins and learned all about our letter of the week, Pp. The children also worked on a number counting project and created personalized spiders for Halloween. Thanks to Mother Nature,
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This week the children created abstract acorn paintings and worked on their number recognition and counting skills. We had fun working and playing together!

This week the children created abstract acorn art paintings using real acorns to roll over their papers creating zigzag lines and circles.  Be sure to check out your budding artists’ work hanging on our bulletin board!  In small group the children worked on number recognition, counting, and placing the correct number of acorns on trees. Outside the children used their strength, coordination and gross
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We learned about Fire Safety & “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. We also learned about the Letter Dd & did fun projects together.

This week the children learned about Fire Safety with a special visit from the Metuchen Fire Department Monday morning.  They practiced “Stop, Drop, and Roll” and what they should do in case of a fire. The children practiced fine motor skills and letter tracing, created apple and worm projects and learned about our Letter of the Week: Dd.  The children had outdoor fun with
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The children had an apple tasting of red and green apples and practiced writing the letter A.

The children had another wonderful week exploring apples and the start of the fall season.  We turned our kitchen area into a Farmer’s Market for the month of October, where the children can pretend to be shoppers and store owners buying and selling fruits and vegetables! The children practiced writing the letter A and created two different apple projects.  They also did a taste test of
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