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We learned about the Letter Ll and were able to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!

This week we started exploring our learning unit on animals, insects and reptiles.  The classes had an exciting visit from the Lizard Guys,  where the children were able to see lizards, snakes, turtles and spiders up close and learn about their habitats.  The children were even able to pet a python or anaconda snake! The children were also introduced to the letter Ll and
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The children practiced their gross motor and fine motor skills with many fun games and activities this week!

For the past two weeks, the three-year-old class has continued to explore all different types of balls in our ongoing ball study.  the children have been learning about how balls of different sizes and weights can affect speed acceleration using ramps.  They have also been exploring and how high balls can bounce depending on their size, weight and what they are made of. The
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We had another fun-filled week with Dr. Seuss!

Despite some snowfall mid week, the children had a great and busy week at school!  We continued to celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday and all things rhyming with books like “One Fish, Two Fish”, “The Foot Book”  and “Put Me in The Zoo”. We started our mini study on balls and spheres, which will continue all month!  The children brainstormed all the things they know
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Mrs. Roth’s Class had fun celebrating Chinese New Year and meeting a robot…MC Blue!

This week the children celebrated the lunar new year by reading books and  exploring the symbolism and objects used during Chinese new year celebrations.  The Tuesday /Thursday children made lanterns. The Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday children made Chinese parade dragons. On Thursday the children had a visit from MC Blue, a recycling robot that taught the children about what items can and can’t be recycled and what happens to garbage that can’t be
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We had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day and President’s Day this week!

This week the children were busy celebrating two holidays.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day with an ice cream party and made beautiful cards for mom and dad.  The  children also discussed ways that we show love through words and actions. We also had a visit from a dental hygienist this week who showed the children the proper way to brush their teeth. We discussed foods
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We had fun preparing for Valentine’s Day and National Dental Week.

This week the children started to get into the spirit of Valentines Day, creating adorable cards for their parents using fine motor skills and practicing writing their names!  They also played with Valentine themed toys, including creating heart bouquets and sorting puffy balls by color! The children also worked in teams to create large floor puzzles, using their observation skills to turn the pieces
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We had a great time participating in many fun activities with our friends.

We celebrated pajama day as part of our clothing study and created pictures of ourselves in our favorite pajamas. We also had a great time making bird feeders using paper towel rolls, honey and cracked corn.  Each child brought their feeder home  to help feed the birds who have a hard time finding food in the cold weather months. We have been practicing writing
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This week we continued our clothing study, and practiced our fine motor and counting skills. It was a busy week!

This week the children continue exploring clothing as part of our  clothing study, exploring how clothes are cleaned, charting the clothes we were wearing, and even celebrated silly sock day! The children learn how to hang clothes from a clothesline using fine motor skills and build the patterns using small cut outs of T-shirts and pants. The children also practiced color, number and counting
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We had fun discussing the weather and clothing. We also did several winter activities.

This week the children began a mini clothing study where we explored how clothes are made, how we care for them, and what type of clothes we wear depending on where we live and what the weather is like. The children charted that type of clothes we wear and discussed their favorite colors to wear. This week the children also created winter-themed art collages,
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We finished the year with a great week and look forward to a super 2018!

This week we learned about patterns.  One of the pattern activities was painting candy canes red and white.  We sang Christmas songs and decorated holiday cookies.  We also had a fun pancake party with strawberries, bananas, whipped cream and sprinkles.  It was a fun week!