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We enjoyed preparing for Valentine’s Day and also Meeting Mr. C!

We began the week on a creative note by making Valentine’s day cards and mailing them to our families.  We met Mr. C “Colossal Cap” and explored counting candy hearts and uncovered letters in our sandbox. We had a visit from the dental hygienist who showed us how to take care of our teeth. We glued #1-10 and worked on number identification. We talked
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We a fun week with Mr. Nn and also counting down the days until the holiday!

We had a fun week as we learned about Mr. Nn “Noisy Nose” and made noisy noses from styrofoam cups.  Mr. Nn also brought Noodles and we created Noodle Necklaces for Valentine’s Day.  We discussed numbers 1-10 and created #lines during small group and we played counting games.  We sang Valentine’s Day songs and have been counting down the days until the holiday!

We had a great time with Mr. O this week and doing many fun activities together.

Mr. Oo Opposite visited our class.  We made “opposite” faces (happy/sad) on paper plates and used yarn for hair.  We hung them in our classroom, hanging the boys on one side of the room and the girls on the “opposite” side of the room.  Another “opposite” project we did was identifying and sorting pictures of what we see during the day and at night. 
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We had fun learning with Mr. D, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and lots of singing and dancing!

This week we met “Mr. Dd” – Dazzling Dancer.  He shared his Dance moves with us as we listened to his Dance music.  We played with crystal climbers and explored 3-D shape building, and building with marshmallows and toothpicks to strengthen our fine motor skills. We connected the dots and used pasta to create dinosaur fossil pictures. We enjoyed reading Goldilocks and the Three
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We had fun with Ms. P (“Pointy Patches”). We loved wearing our “Pajamas” to school too!

This week we met a new letter person, Ms. P… “Pointy Patches”.  We Perfected our fine motor skills by cutting out uppercase “P’s”.  We enjoyed Painting them and adding Pom-Poms to them.  We talked about the weather and all the fun activities we do in the snow, rain, sun and so on.  We next created our own weather books.  Finally, we celebrated with Ms.
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We had a great week meeting Mr. I, measuring, painting and conducting experiments!

We had another busy  week in Mrs. McLaughlin’s class.  We met Mr. I (“Impossible Inches”).  We had fun measuring using yarn and found items around the room that were as small as an “inch” and as long as a “foot”.  We conducted experiments with ice and observed how ice melts when put in water, with salt, or left out on the windowsill.  We created
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We had a great week working and playing together! Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

We had so much fun making our own gingerbread houses! We made pretty holiday cards! We had a fun visit from Pops playing holiday songs on his accordian.  We all sang together! The children enjoy playing with the sparkle slime!    

It was a busy week filled with fun holiday activities!

We had a great time wrapping gifts and making Christmas cards,  We also started making gingerbread houses. It was fun playing the dreidel game together and making our own menorahs by cutting and gluing the candles and practicing our numbers 1 through 8.  We also ate potato latkes with applesauce.  They were delicious!  Thanks to one of our very talented class parents we enjoyed
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It was a super week meeting Ms. S and talking about the seasons!

This week we met Ms. Ss Super Socks and we practiced letter formation by tracing S in Shaving cream. We also discussed clothes we wear in each of the 4 seasons, sorting through socks and finding pairs.  We read the story, ” The Mitten” and used scissors to cut out mittens size ordering them from smallest to biggest. We also took silly sock pictures.
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We had a great week with Ms. L and learning about the seasons. We also made the decorations for our tree !

This week we met Ms. L longest laugh and we located her on the land of the letter people map. We discovered things she loves like different lengths (long and short), laughing, looking at library books, and looking for her other letter friends. In small group,  we practiced drawing straight lines from top to bottom on chalk and marker boards.  We also talked about
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