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It was a fun week celebrating Valentine’s Day and meeting Mr. X.

The children in the 5 Day Pre-K class had a wonderful week preparing for Valentines Day. We hope you loved receiving your special valentine in the mail!  The children loved meeting Mr. X and learning why he is different from the other Letter People. He likes words with an X at the end.  We also learned that is is okay to be different and
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We had a TERRIFIC week with Mr. T!

The children in the 5 Day Pre-K class had a terrific week.  They met Ms. T who has Tall Teeth.  Ms. T taught the children the importance of brushing, flossing, and eating healthy foods to take care of their Teeth.  They enjoyed so many Tremendous activities!  The children also started to prepare for the holiday of Valentine’s Day.  They made Love Bugs by sponge
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This week was filled with ZAINY fun with Mr. Z!

The children in the 5 Day Pre-K class started a unit on Clothing.  They were given a huge bag of clothes and they had to describe and sort them various ways.  They learned about SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE and why knowing the size of a piece of clothing is important.  The children read a book about washing and drying clothes and they were able
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We had a very HAPPY week learning with Mr. H, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and lots of singing and dancing!

The children in the 5 Day Pre-K Class had a VERY HAPPY WEEK!  On Monday they met “Mr. H”.  He has Happy Hair and he told the children that they will make their own Happy Hair by cutting construction paper and gluing it to a headband!!!!!  The children were shouting, “HOORAY!”  Mr. H also taught them how to play Hopscotch which helps develop their gross motor
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We had an incredible time with Mr. I this week!

The 5 Day Pre-K children had an INTERESTING and INTRIGUING week.  The children learned about globes and maps and they made a map of part of our world.  The children learned about the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.  They compared those environments to our’s in Metuchen.  They also learned about polar bears and penguins.  The children were surprised to learn that they live on opposite
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We had an exciting week with Mr.O and using our imaginations.

The children in the 5 day Pre-K class had an exciting week. Mr O came for a visit and the children loved all the activities he brought but they loved the opposite matching game the best! I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a fun filled time with family over the holiday break.   The children learned the nursery rhyme, Rub-a-dub
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Our week was filled with holiday activities and we had fun with Ms. K.

The children had a very busy week in our class.  They learned about the various holidays that are celebrated in December.  The children met Ms. K and learned about kindness.  We hope each family will enjoy our class book the children made about ways to be kind.

We had a spectacular week with Mr. D, Decorating and Designing. We did a fun science project and so much more!

The children in the five day Pre-K class were DEFINITELY surprised to DISCOVER Mr D hiding DOWN low!  He brought many DECORATIONS for the children to make to prepare for the upcoming holidays in DECEMBER.  The children also read two stories about gingerbread children and created a Venn diagram to compare the two stories.  The children also made a graph to find out what
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The Pre-K Class had another busy week filled with Letters and Birthdays!

The children in the 5 day Pre-K class had a very busy week. The children began a science unit on animals in winter. They learned about animals that hibernate and also about animals that migrate to warmer places. The children made bird feeders to take care of the animals that stay in our area all winter long. I think the most exciting time this
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We had a busy week preparing for Thanksgiving.

The children in the 5 day Pre-K had a busy week.  They prepared for Thanksgiving by talking about what they are thankful for. They created turkeys. There was so many gobble gobble sounds in the room! The children drew pictures of their favorite Thanksgiving Day foods and also learned how to set a holiday table. The children also enjoyed a visit from Ms V.
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