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PreK 4A

The children enjoyed many sorting and stamping activities this week to reinforce letter identification and one to one counting.   They used cubes to build and compare towers and they sorted letters according to their line shape – curved, straight or both.  They children really enjoyed Wikki Sticks. They were very creative in what they made with them!!! 

Mrs. Smith’s class is starting strong!

The children in Pre-K4A have been enjoying the first few weeks of school.  They loved seeing old friends again and also making new friends.  The children are discovering the many play and learning areas of our classroom. It is so much fun watching them play and use the learning manipulatives.  Time spent on the playground is still their favorite part of the day and
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PreK 4A – Year End Fun!

We cannot believe that this year is over.  It went so fast!  It has been amazing to watch the children blossom and grow.  Over the past few weeks the children have been busy watching caterpillars transform into butterflies.  They loved watching the process and enjoyed releasing them and seeing them fly away.  The pony rides and field day were great experiences as well. The
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Baby Chicks!

The children had a visit from Farmer Angel who discussed the difference between roosters and hens. She explained how to take care of baby chicks.  The children predicted which egg would hatch first and then they eagerly awaited.  Egg #8 hatched first!  The children were amazed to see the chicks hatch before their eyes!  They also took care of the chicks by petting them,
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PreK-4A learning about pets!

In preparing for our chick eggs to arrive next week, the children started a unit on pets. The children used toothpicks and jelly beans to build a house for their chicks. We sorted animals that would make good pets and created a list of how to take care of them in the Vet Center. The children graphed the kinds of pets each family had
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5 Day PreK Has Been Busy!

The children have been learning about all the different types of transportation. They graphed their favorite type and discussed the best kinds to get you to certain places. The children created name trains to develop beginning sound skills. Their trains could only carry items that began with the beginning letter of their name. The children met Mrs. J and they learned all the ways
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PreK 4A Special Guests

We have had some very special guests spend time in our classroom. The children love meeting new people and enjoyed the time spent with these special visitors. The children celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by forming numbers and counting gold pieces to match.  They received a note from a leprechaun and used boxes, paper, sticks and glitter to build a trap to try and catch
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The Children In The Mrs. Smith’s Pre-K Class Have Had A Busy Few Weeks!

The children were greeted by Ms. M and kicked off a unit on Space. The children became “astronauts” and blasted off and walked on the moon. They learned about the phases of the moon, stars and our planets. The children loved using toothpicks to write their name in the stars and they also loved creating a new planet using watercolors. The children used magazines
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5 Day Pre-K’s Terrific Few Weeks Of Learning And Fun

With the weather being so cold, the children enjoyed free choice learning time. They used their imaginations and built zoos with the blocks and animals, created books to share in our art and writing center and made words with our magnet board.  When the cold weather broke, the children loved to run and play outside!  Ms T, our letter person paid a visit and
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The Children In The 5 Day Pre-K Had A Super Week!

The children were so surprised to see Ms S standing in our sand table!  The children had so much fun creating snowmen and making patterns with snowflakes. Ms. S brought a mystery bag and the children were delighted to discover she brought them all the ingredients to eat her favorite snack which is soup!  The children truly enjoyed Silly Sock Day  and all the
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