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Polly Who? Polymer!

We each filled our 1 quart plastic bag with water.  We each took sharpened pencils and pushed them through the bag, into the water and out the other side of the bag. The water didn’t spill out!  Plastic is a polymer.  Polymers are made of long chains of small particles called molecules.  They are also flexible (bend easily) so they form around the pencil
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We made (and ate) a food feast in Cooking Enrichment Class today.

Today in Kids Cooking Enrichment Class we had fun making crescent roll-ups and next we cut them into pinwheels.  While they were cooking we cut up vegetables and made a dip.  Last, but not least, is dessert!  We decorated Turkey cupcakes!  We had fun preparing everything and then eating!    

Today we read “Cookies Week” and did a Cause and Effect chart together.

We read “Cookies Week” and completed a chart together recalling what Cookie the cat did each day of the week.  The chart showed the Cause and Effect of each activity.  We also practiced writing the weekdays.

We completed our Emily Carr inspired trees. They came out great!

The children finished their Emily Carr trees today.  We used watercolor and tempera paint, and added coffee filters for leaves and texture. During the class we also discussed the concept of abstract art.

Today we made Alphabet Soup and Grilled Cheese in Cooking Enrichment class! YUM

We had fun making Alphabet Soup and Grilled Cheese in Kids Cooking Afternoon Enrichment class.  We talked about the different ingredients and also chopped some vegetables. We had even more fun eating it!! It was all delicious. The soup recipe is at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!   ALPHABET SOUP RECIPE 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 Small Onion, finely diced 1 Stalk Celery,
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Today we learned about artist Emily Carr and we had fun painting.

Emily Carr was an artist from Canada.  During the time she was an artist, many women did not have the opportunity to go to school or work.  Her abstract work was not appreciated so she quit painting.  When she was over 50 years old, she met a group of artists and started painting again.  Everyone started to finally appreciate her work.  She was known
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All about magnets…

We learned all about magnets in Science Enrichment by doing many hands on experiments. We talked about the everyday use of magnets in our lives.  

We had a delicious afternoon…making chocolate chip cookies…and eating them!

We had fun taking turns measuring and mixing the ingredients to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies! Next the children scooped them out onto baking sheets.  After eating the scrumptious cookies, they read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff.  They made mouse puppets too! It was a great afternoon!    

We had fun in Reading Enrichment!

This week we read a sequencing book, “It’s Pumpkin Time!” by Zoe Hall.  We then discussed how pumpkins are grown from seed to pumpkin.  We next did several rhyming activities and played together. It was a great afternoon!

Another great afternoon in Enrichment!

Today we read  “Big Pumpkin” by Erica Silverman. We really enjoyed playing “Pin The Piece on the Pumpkin”.  We laughed a lot at the silly looking pumpkin we made.  We also enjoyed other games including “Who?What?When?Where?Why” which is a question game played with play-doh.  It was a great afternoon full of laughs!