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All about magnets…

We learned all about magnets in Science Enrichment by doing many hands on experiments. We talked about the everyday use of magnets in our lives.  

We had a great week filled with Halloween activities!

We enjoyed our Halloween parties and made a jack-o-lantern and named him Jack. We also painted faces on pumpkin cut outs and created a pumpkin book based on how a pumpkin grows. We also worked on story details and sequencing characters in the stories: “There was an old lady that swallowed a fly” and “the deep dark woods”. We worked on more fine motor
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We had a delicious afternoon…making chocolate chip cookies…and eating them!

We had fun taking turns measuring and mixing the ingredients to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies! Next the children scooped them out onto baking sheets.  After eating the scrumptious cookies, they read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff.  They made mouse puppets too! It was a great afternoon!    

We had fun in Reading Enrichment!

This week we read a sequencing book, “It’s Pumpkin Time!” by Zoe Hall.  We then discussed how pumpkins are grown from seed to pumpkin.  We next did several rhyming activities and played together. It was a great afternoon!

We had a great time with our friends preparing for Halloween!

We had a great week playing and sharing with our friends and getting ready for Halloween! Miss Courtney did a great job working with the children to create our beautiful class pumpkin and Mrs. Williams made an amazing scarecrow which is now proudly standing on Main Street and New Street!  

We were busy this week getting our classroom ready for Halloween!

We spent the week decorating and preparing our classroom for Halloween.  We created spooky mummies and ghosts which focused on fine motor skills as we tore and stretched white tissue paper and cotton balls.  We also practiced with scissors as we cut spiders and 5 little pumpkins, which focused on cutting out circle shapes.  We sang a new Halloween song about silly pumpkin faces. 
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We had a wonderful week learning about the letter Pp and exploring Pumpkins.

This week the children learned about the stages of how pumpkins grow and had a chance to get messy exploring the inside of real pumpkins, The children did sequencing projects about pumpkins, made paper pumpkins and learned all about our letter of the week, Pp. The children also worked on a number counting project and created personalized spiders for Halloween. Thanks to Mother Nature,
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We had an exciting week with Mr. N!

The children in the 5 day Pre-K class had an exciting week.  Mr. N came to visit and brought a NICE bunch of activities for the children to experience. The children learned about NOCTURNAL animals.  They created the life cycle of spiders and folded triangles to create bats.  Folding triangles was such a wonderful problem solving activity.  Mr.N brought NEWSPAPERS for the children to
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Another great afternoon in Enrichment!

Today we read  “Big Pumpkin” by Erica Silverman. We really enjoyed playing “Pin The Piece on the Pumpkin”.  We laughed a lot at the silly looking pumpkin we made.  We also enjoyed other games including “Who?What?When?Where?Why” which is a question game played with play-doh.  It was a great afternoon full of laughs!    

We had a food-filled and fun-filled afternoon! Happy (Almost) Halloween!

Today in Kids Cooking Afternoon Enrichment class we had a great time making crescent mummy hot dogs and witch hat cookies!  After having fun making them, we had a Halloween Party and ate the delicious food we made.  We next read a Halloween book and played the Toilet Paper Mummy Game!  We all had a great afternoon!              
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