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It was a great week in Mrs. Roth’s class! We now have a class pet…Caramel! Everyone is very excited!

This week the children began exploring nocturnal animals and learning how they live and what they do at night. The children created Owls with real feathers and practiced writing the letter “O”, our letter of the week. The children were also introduced to our new class pet named Caramel.  Caramel is a Robo Dwarf Hamster who will live in our classroom this year.  The
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Tacos and Churro Chips! We had a great time in Kids Cooking!

Today in Kids Cooking Class we made and ate tacos and churros! It was fun cutting up the lettuce, grating the cheese, cutting up olives, making the taco sauce and cooking the meat.  When the taco bar was all set up we made the Baked Churro Chips and the Iacona Fancy Sauce! (See the recipes below)   They were delicious! We also read a fun
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The Children Were Introduced to Letters A,P,B,F,L and Their Sounds In Reading Enrichment

We played a letter identification game together.  The children pulled picture cards out of the mystery bag and named the beginning sound. We read “Little Fox’s Surprise”.  During our read aloud, children identified the clues and the letter the clue began with.  An example of this is “A” for Acorn. In Small Group the children matched beginning sounds to the picture cards and wrote
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We learned all about the “at” family in Reading Enrichment today!

Today in Reading Enrichment we learned all about the “at” family and we traced the beginning letters to “at” words.  The children enjoyed the book “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!” by Lucille Colandro.  We found the rhyming “at” words in the book .  We also had fun playing a letter vest game. It was a great afternoon!

We have been busy exploring, learning, practicing and playing!

It has been a busy few weeks in the 3’s classroom.  From voting in a mock election where the children voted on snack and the book of the day, to seasonal and Thanksgiving projects, the children have been learning, sharing and exploring new things. Building their fine motor skills and practicing scissor cutting, the children painted Fall leaves, created corn stalks and pumpkin pies,
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We had fun with Picasso Faces

We talked about abstract paintings: A non-lifelike portrayal of real life objects.  We compared realist pictures to abstract pictures. We also discussed profiles as the side view of our face, as opposed the looking at someone straight in the face.  Next we read a short biography on Picasso.  

A great week full of fun Fall activities!

We had a great time playing together this week and making so many wonderful projects!  We made some amazing scarecrows and turkeys. We also made pumpkin pie!  We talked about Thanksgiving and our upcoming Thanksgiving feast.  Everyone decided what they would bring to share at our Thanksgiving feast in class. The children also each made their own Thanksgiving booklets and placemats. It was another
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Polly Who? Polymer!

We each filled our 1 quart plastic bag with water.  We each took sharpened pencils and pushed them through the bag, into the water and out the other side of the bag. The water didn’t spill out!  Plastic is a polymer.  Polymers are made of long chains of small particles called molecules.  They are also flexible (bend easily) so they form around the pencil
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We had a busy week preparing for Thanksgiving.

The children in the 5 day Pre-K had a busy week.  They prepared for Thanksgiving by talking about what they are thankful for. They created turkeys. There was so many gobble gobble sounds in the room! The children drew pictures of their favorite Thanksgiving Day foods and also learned how to set a holiday table. The children also enjoyed a visit from Ms V.
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We made (and ate) a food feast in Cooking Enrichment Class today.

Today in Kids Cooking Enrichment Class we had fun making crescent roll-ups and next we cut them into pinwheels.  While they were cooking we cut up vegetables and made a dip.  Last, but not least, is dessert!  We decorated Turkey cupcakes!  We had fun preparing everything and then eating!