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In Reading Enrichment we had lots of fun playing holiday reading games together!

Today we read “Over The River and Through The Woods” and described the setting of the story. We discussed that in the story they used sleds for transportation instead of cars, planes or buses. We read an Acrostic Poem for SNOW and practiced the letter sounds for the word SNOW and then blended them together decoding the word.  We also enjoyed playing the Gingerbread
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In Art Enrichment Class we painted birch trees in the winter.

In Art Enrichment class we painted a winter scene on white paper and created a colorful sky a colorful sky and birch trees.  We made the trees using tape first and painting around and over them with watercolor paints.  After painting we next removed the tape which created the white birch trees. Finally we sprinkled salt on the picture creating a pretty winter scene. 
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In Science we made a levitating orb, a hoop glider and a floating orb!!!

We conducted three different experiments in Science Enrichment today.  We made a levitating orb, a hoop glider and a floating orb.  Everyone enjoyed making them and then conducting experiments with them. It was a fun time!

The children enjoyed many fun and festive activities together this week!

We had a great week of learning about the letter “C” including searching the entire floor for all of  the Letter C’s we could find!  We also did some great holiday projects which reinforced counting skills and measurement.  We celebrated two birthdays this week and  enjoyed a sing-along holiday concert thanks to a very talented CNS parent.  It was great singing together! The children
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We had a great festive week in Young Learner’s class!

We had so much fun making gingerbread ornaments…and it smelled delicious too!  We also enjoyed a holiday sing-along with our friends and many fun festive activities!  

Our week was filled with holiday activities and we had fun with Ms. K.

The children had a very busy week in our class.  They learned about the various holidays that are celebrated in December.  The children met Ms. K and learned about kindness.  We hope each family will enjoy our class book the children made about ways to be kind.

It was a busy week filled with fun holiday activities!

We had a great time wrapping gifts and making Christmas cards,  We also started making gingerbread houses. It was fun playing the dreidel game together and making our own menorahs by cutting and gluing the candles and practicing our numbers 1 through 8.  We also ate potato latkes with applesauce.  They were delicious!  Thanks to one of our very talented class parents we enjoyed
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We played Snowman and Santa tic-tac-toe and read a book with character puppets we made.

We had a fun afternoon in Stay and Play playing games together including Snowman and Santa tic-tac-toe.  We did some building and then made our own puppets for the characters in the Gingerbread Mouse by Kathy Bratun.  We acted out the book as Mrs. McLaughlin read the story. We had a great afternoon!

Tutti A Tavola A Mangiare!!!

We had a great time cooking Italian food together today!  We started off by making a salad and homemade Italian salad dressing. Next we made garlic bread and then the pasta!  It was delicious!!  For dessert we made and ate pizzelle.  We talked about Italian family traditions too.  It was a wonderful afternoon!    

Reading Enrichment was all about rhyming and beginning sounds today!

In Reading Enrichment we played a Guess and Check Game practicing our beginning sounds.  We worked in pairs to describe pictures with the other child’s beginning sound card.  The teacher checked everyone’s beginning sound pictures and asked each child to name their beginning letter sound.  We also played a “Cookies and Milk” beginning sound rhyming game using the letters C and M.  We also read
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