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We had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day and President’s Day this week!

This week the children were busy celebrating two holidays.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day with an ice cream party and made beautiful cards for mom and dad.  The  children also discussed ways that we show love through words and actions. We also had a visit from a dental hygienist this week who showed the children the proper way to brush their teeth. We discussed foods
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It was a fun week celebrating Valentine’s Day and meeting Mr. X.

The children in the 5 Day Pre-K class had a wonderful week preparing for Valentines Day. We hope you loved receiving your special valentine in the mail!  The children loved meeting Mr. X and learning why he is different from the other Letter People. He likes words with an X at the end.  We also learned that is is okay to be different and
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We enjoyed preparing for Valentine’s Day and also Meeting Mr. C!

We began the week on a creative note by making Valentine’s day cards and mailing them to our families.  We met Mr. C “Colossal Cap” and explored counting candy hearts and uncovered letters in our sandbox. We had a visit from the dental hygienist who showed us how to take care of our teeth. We glued #1-10 and worked on number identification. We talked
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Happy Valentine’s Day! The waffle hearts we made were delicious!

The chefs in Kids Cooking Class had fun slicing strawberries and bananas to put on top of the heart shaped waffles they made.  They also made chocolate ganache and added powdered sugar and whipped cream!  It was another great cooking class!  The recipe for the chocolate ganache is below if you would like to try it at home.  Some of our chefs enjoyed their
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“There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” by Dr. Seuss was a fun book!

We read a great book today called “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” by Dr. Seuss.  We picked out the rhyming words and talked about ending sounds. As a group we played with the Letter Wands Jar pulling sticks and practicing our ending sounds.  For example, for the ending sound -et we made the words pet, jet, set, met and wet.  The students made
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“Reflections” on Art…

We first looked at pictures of houses on the water.  We noticed the many different shapes in the architecture.  We looked at the reflection in the water and noticed how the shapes are a little different and we talked about the colors in the reflections too. We used pastels to draw a line separating the land and the water.  We next used different cut
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We had a bright flourescent-like afternoon in Science Enrichment.

In Science Enrichment Class we talked about what glows (is flourescent) and what doesn’t.  We used a flashlight and a black light to check which items glow or not.  We asked the children for a hypothesis on whether some of the items will/will not glow. We made ice cubes out of water and tonic water.  One of the students thought the ice cubes with
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We a fun week with Mr. Nn and also counting down the days until the holiday!

We had a fun week as we learned about Mr. Nn “Noisy Nose” and made noisy noses from styrofoam cups.  Mr. Nn also brought Noodles and we created Noodle Necklaces for Valentine’s Day.  We discussed numbers 1-10 and created #lines during small group and we played counting games.  We sang Valentine’s Day songs and have been counting down the days until the holiday!

We had fun preparing for Valentine’s Day and National Dental Week.

This week the children started to get into the spirit of Valentines Day, creating adorable cards for their parents using fine motor skills and practicing writing their names!  They also played with Valentine themed toys, including creating heart bouquets and sorting puffy balls by color! The children also worked in teams to create large floor puzzles, using their observation skills to turn the pieces
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We had a TERRIFIC week with Mr. T!

The children in the 5 Day Pre-K class had a terrific week.  They met Ms. T who has Tall Teeth.  Ms. T taught the children the importance of brushing, flossing, and eating healthy foods to take care of their Teeth.  They enjoyed so many Tremendous activities!  The children also started to prepare for the holiday of Valentine’s Day.  They made Love Bugs by sponge
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