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PreK 4A Special Guests

We have had some very special guests spend time in our classroom. The children love meeting new people and enjoyed the time spent with these special visitors. The children celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by forming numbers and counting gold pieces to match.  They received a note from a leprechaun and used boxes, paper, sticks and glitter to build a trap to try and catch
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Register for the 2019/2020 School Year!

Registration for the 2019/2020 school year is underway! We are available to  give tours of Community Nursery School between 9:30 and 2:30 daily. Registration forms are available on this website under the drop down for Classes and Enrichment or below under registration. Community Nursery School accepts cash or checks for registration.  Please note: We are unable to accept credit card payments at this time.

PreK 4C Closes Out Our Winter Season

PreK 4C closed out the winter season with a study on arctic animals.  We enjoyed fingerprinting our polar bear murals and conducted a cool science experiment to see which melts ice faster:  warm water, salt or sugar!  After our students predicted warm water as the winner, we were surprised to learn that SALT melted ice the fastest!  We also had an exciting visit from
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Pre-K3B is having fun!

Pre-K3B had a fun filled week learning all about our teeth and proper dental hygiene. We had a special visit from a local dental hygienist who taught us about our teeth. We learned a lot!In the classroom, the children enjoyed exploring hands on activities about teeth which included brushing LEGO teeth in a water table, learning brushing teeth songs and making play doh teeth.
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The Children In The Mrs. Smith’s Pre-K Class Have Had A Busy Few Weeks!

The children were greeted by Ms. M and kicked off a unit on Space. The children became “astronauts” and blasted off and walked on the moon. They learned about the phases of the moon, stars and our planets. The children loved using toothpicks to write their name in the stars and they also loved creating a new planet using watercolors. The children used magazines
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March Enrichment Post

This post displays all of the fun and educational activities our students experience in our afternoon enrichment classes that are offered for children in the PreK4 classes from 1:00-3:00. In Adventures in Literacy, STEM, Kids Cooking, Art and Music and Movement the children are always adding to their education in creative and enjoyable ways! Posts will be updated weekly! Click on the more button
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4B explodes with fun!

4B had another wonderful 2 weeks in preschool! We made surprise cards for our family and took a walk to mail them to our family! We also passed out some Valentine’s cards to each other! Ms V visited us! We made vases with flowers and also made volcanoes. The students also did a scientific experiment where we made a volcano erupt! We then invited
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PreK 4C marches with love

Pre-K 4C had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day! We shared how we show love to our family, and created special Valentines which were mailed home to our loved ones. We also spent our week working on forming our numbers, and reviewing the letters we have learned so far.   Mr. M came marching in on Presidents’ Day, and he taught our children all
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Young learners keep on sailing and soaring!

We started February by celebrating the Lunar New Year; Happy Year of the Pig! We made gold coin trees and decorated a red pig with gold flowers. We read stories about traditions surrounding the holiday.  Our Young Learners have begun a study on transportation. We have been sorting vehicles by land, air and and sea and also by jobs that those vehicles perform. We’ve been
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Shapes of all sorts!

The past week PreK-3B learned all about shapes and the letter S! We had a special visit from Suzie the shape monster, who loved to eat shapes for lunch! The children were so excited to meet her and feed her shapes and sing to her until she was full! They did a great job recognizing their shapes and feeding Suzie. We made our own
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