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Apples and Carrots and so much More!

The children in Pre-K4C had so much fun meeting Ms. A and Mr. C these past two weeks.  They brought with them so many exciting projects.  We learned about the lifecycle of the apple, and conducted a really cool science experiment to see why apples float in water.  We dissected an apple and sharpened out number skills with a fun seed counting game!   Mr. C brought with him a fun study about our community and all the great helpers in our little town.  We studied our map of the US and New Jersey, learned when and why to use 911, and even met some real firemen!  Mr. C also taught us all about carrots, and how they grow.  We even replanted the scraps from this root vegetable and are anxiously waiting for fresh carrot greens to grow on our windowsill!  Such a fun and exciting time to be in Pre-K4C!


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