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Animals and Hearts to start February for PreK-3A

It has been a very busy two weeks for the three-year-old class! The children started off by celebrating the Chinese new year, the year of the pig, by making  pink pig puppets and painted pigs with pom-pom balls!  

Our class also celebrated Valentine’s Day, making valentines for their parents, sharing valentines with each other, and celebrating with a Valentines party for the class.  

The children learned all about the letter Vv and created several letter V projects, including a Volcano.  To see a “volcano” in action, we visited Mrs Farrell’s room to watch their class make a homemade volcano with baking soda and vinegar! So much fun!

The children also explored why animals hibernate, made cute sleeping bears for our class bulletin, and made bird feeders to take home and hang on trees to help feed the birds this winter! 

Even though it’s been  cold outside, we did get a few breaks in the weather, allowing us to get outside for some fresh air! 


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