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5 Day PreK Has Been Busy!

The children have been learning about all the different types of transportation. They graphed their favorite type and discussed the best kinds to get you to certain places. The children created name trains to develop beginning sound skills. Their trains could only carry items that began with the beginning letter of their name. The children met Mrs. J and they learned all the ways to stay safe in and around cars.

Mr. Q came for a visit. He likes to ask questions. The children began a unit in farms by comparing a town and a farm. They learned about how a farm runs and they even wrote a poem about their favorite farm animal. Mr. Q helped the children make a list of questions to ask on our trip to the farm next week!

Meeting Mrs. J
Graphing our favorite kind of transportation
Finding the letter J in books
Playing a parking lot math game

Creating name trains
Making quilts with Mr. Q
Enjoying the Spring weather outside!

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