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4B explodes with fun!

4B had another wonderful 2 weeks in preschool! We made surprise cards for our family and took a walk to mail them to our family! We also passed out some Valentine’s cards to each other! Ms V visited us! We made vases with flowers and also made volcanoes. The students also did a scientific experiment where we made a volcano erupt! We then invited 3 yr old class in and we showed them how to make a volcano erupt! The students all had fun being the teacher.

Mr. I also visited us! We learned about ice cream, ice and arctic animals! We studied different temperatures in colder areas! We also made tally charts for our favorite ice cream! Our last day we talked about how artic animals stay warm in the freezing water. We all put our hands in cold water and had to take then out quickly. Then we coated our hands or gloved hands with Crisco and were amazed to see how much it didn’t feel as cold!! Lots of fun!


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