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PreK 4A Special Guests

We have had some very special guests spend time in our classroom. The children love meeting new people and enjoyed the time spent with these special visitors.

The children celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by forming numbers and counting gold pieces to match.  They received a note from a leprechaun and used boxes, paper, sticks and glitter to build a trap to try and catch this tricky leprechaun.  None of the children caught him but we did have fun trying!

The children enjoyed meeting Ms. U and her unusual umbrella.  The children loved making unusual umbrellas and drawing pictures of where they would like to fly up, up, up to.

The children found Mr. R resting on a shelf.  He taught them all about rainbows. The children also loved drawing pictures of words that begin with the R sound.  Their favorite activity had to be dancing with rainbow ribbons!


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